One of the most popular public art, murals have a magical way in bringing people and the community together. Submit you mural proposal following these directions!

  1. Email your proposal including: Company Name, your name, contact, and address

  2. Provide a brief information of your project. along with the mural size and pictures of the wall where the mural will be applied.

  3. I will get back to you within 48 hours!

  4. If accepted into the commission calendar, you will receive an email from me within 14 days and an invoice containing a non-refundable 75% deposit, and a contract.

  5.  A signed contract MUST be send or email back to me with the deposit.

  6.  From there, I will then create a tight drawing or a digital mock-up of the piece for your approval. 

  7. Rest of the payment MUST be made 5 business days after the mural is complete!