Sara B. Coleman

Pittsburgh-based Spontaneous Realism artist. Accepting commissions via email.


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One of the most popular public art, murals have a magical way in bringing people and the community together.


Postcards, Business ads, Portraits, Landscapes painting, Mural (open to other media and suggestions)

Display Showcase

Have my work display at your business? Please reach out for discussion.

Live Painting

Contact to set up appointment. Please schedule 3-4 weeks in advanced.


Wowwww I love it!! The color palette is perfect and really represents his personality and who he was! Thank you so much for making this!!


So with other stuff going here, I've been pretty drained emotionally. Can pretty much shed tears for absolutely no reason. Definitely tears of joy here! I can't put into words how beautiful it is and what it means to see this photo experienced in such a manner that both my mom and grandmother gave you their blessings personally! I came across this photo shortly after my mom passed in '96 and its cherished and kept close every since! Thank you so much!! I absolutely love it!!🙏🏾🙏🏾💕

-I'll be in contact really soon! Hope you can pencil me in😁 You seem to an absolute beautiful soul, very much a pleasure meeting and working with you!


- I'm so happy right now. And I'm happy I reached out to you for this. From my heart, thank you again ❤️

- My painting arrived this morning. Opening it up and I can't stop smiling! I cannot wait to surprise her with it. Thank you again for doing this.


Thank you! The painting arrived today and I love it! (So do my two daughters !) 


this is just... wow

Priah Ferguson

Recent Work

Sweet Inspiration

The transformation of the leaves to the butterflies was an idea I used on a job interview as a graphic/product designer for a company almost 7 years ago. I did not get the job, but I thought to myself that the idea was brilliant! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I didn’t understand why they weren’t impressed.
Took me quite a while after that to understand that I’d never be satisfied chasing after people’s approvals and their expectations. I started to do my own thing and never give up on creativity🪁 ideas and inspirations never die. When you truly believe in them, they live on and become inspirations for others. You, yourself become an inspiration. 🦋

Portrait Commission

Client requested a portrait of his daughter and her dog for her birthday in a size of 24 x 30" on canvas. Here is his respond:

"Greetings Mrs. Sara! My little absolutely loves her bday present! I wanted to get a photo of her initial reaction but she was doing her hair, so I'm going to take one of her tomorrow and send it. She cried quite a bit and stared at it for quite some time. Kinda like I did when I got the painting of my mom and grandpa. I still sit and stare at it often. Anyhow, we're forever grateful!"- Client


24x30” Canvas. Acrylic
I think we underestimate ourselves a lot of time and it’s hard not to go there after you made so many mistakes, letting a lot of ppl down including yourself, not catching with your peers etc. But what a chance of these thoughts getting you anywhere? Easily said than done. I loose count of how many times I tried to think positively and failed. I came to terms that I’m just not a positive person. Thought that would put me at peace with my mind .. but lol the opposite! Bc you are what you’re telling yourself! So no, I want to be a positive person and I’m going to stay positive. 🌅🖼